Create your personal brand by becoming the next Best Seller writer with Leonardo Ramirez in its 2017 Version



Benefit 1 - Create your personal brand

This is a unique opportunity for your name to be recognized, participating in a comprehensive project that seeks not only to make known your skills and expertise but also to associate it with big names in the field of your specialty.

Benefit 2 - Change your mindset

Together with Leonardo Ramirez as a professional coach you will achieve a change never seen before to be aware of the opportunities that the today’s market offers and that only a few are taking advantage. It's time to give you the place you deserve to make yourself known as an expert in your field. A book triggers your credibility millions of light years.

Benefit 3 - Develops new skills and competencies

Meet with our team of experts, the secrets, to generate content that positions you in your area of influence, generating a multi-channel strategy that ensures extraordinary results. Receive access to exclusive professional training material that will allow you to maximize the results obtained with the positioning of your BEST SELLER.

Together we will work hand in hand to build your brand, starting with a BEST SELLER assured by my team's extensive experience in branding, social networking, and ideation.

Leonardo Ramirez
Leonardo Ramirez Empresario, Mentor de Estrategia, Coach de Potencial Humano, Consultor, Arquitecto Empresarial, Hipnoterapeuta Clínico

Create your personal brand by becoming the next Best Seller writer with Leonardo Ramirez in its 2017 Version


The invitation is open for four teams of maximum 5 people each.

  • Digital Transfomation, Enterprise architecture, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Cloud, Omnichannel, Congnitive Computing and Mobile Revolution
  • Strategic Ecosystems, Business Architecture, Change Management and Coaching, The Employee Experience and the future of work

Becoming A Best-Selling, Money-Making, Difference-Inspiring Author with Leonardo Ramirez


The previuos group made their launch in 2016 in New York. Our team made a global announcement

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Disclaimer Due to the small number of people per group, we do not guarantee that by writing an email requesting information and then deciding to take your decision to reach your quota, the people in each group will be respected on a first come, first served basis as they comply with the payment of Co authorship.

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Enter your Name and Email below if you want more information.

  • q-icon Which languages will be the Best Seller made?

    Best Selling Books will be made in English or Spanish

  • q-iconHow will the interaction work for the development of the Best Seller?

    The work is scheduled through webinar and online teleconference sessions according to the availability of participants
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  • q-iconWhy is a book important in Personal Brand Development?

    A book and its ranking in the Market is a key piece to achieve visibility, make yourself known and position yourself as an expert in a certain area. The gift of one of the 50 printed copies that the participant will receive is without doubt a show of professionalism, a passion for innovation and a commitment to personal development, which means that your client, the boss, disregards any other proposal

  • q-iconHow long is the project?

    The project is designed to be developed during the first 6 months of 2017 for dissemination and promotion the following 6 months of the year.

  • q-iconWhat preparation work is required?

    We will begin a process of coaching that accompanies the preparation of change of mentality for the project, will begin the process of personal branding according to the vision to build with the participant to generate their profile, their brand, positioning in the field That you want to develop (whether or not you are currently an expert in the field). This opportunity is an excellent showcase to start with the right foot the formalization of an expertise of hand of the giants that accompany it.

  • q-iconWhat if I do not have writing skills?

    To develop Best Sellers and Personal Brand, the important thing is the ideas, the appropriate advice and the desire to carry it out. The team that accompanies the creation, definition and writing of the book can participate in all phases or only in some of them. If you do not have the writing skills, the ghost writer team will write the content under the guidelines that the participant indicates and according to what the advisory team determines is the most advisable of the profile to be developed.

Formato de Vinculación

SI! Deseo ser parte del selecto grupo de 5 personas para participar del próximo BESTSELLER

The activities for the next Best Seller start on Octuber 2017

Access to Coaching for the construction of your Personal Brand starts from the moment our INNOVATORS ACADEMY Agreements Department finishes your agreement process.

This unique opportunity offers you income from the international marketing of the book to be produced by INNOVATORS ACADEMY, on the publicity conferences that accompany the Best Seller as well as the accompanying Marketing Collateral.

You will have access to 50 printed copies that you can either sell or give to your clients or prospects with our photo on the cover being the best letter of presentation.

The book will have publicity and interviews in the main media networks of the United States. Your image same as Leonardo Ramirez with the respective marketing support.

Support in creating your product to use Innovators Academy as a distributor, becoming one of our experts.

As BONUS you will have as a gift: • One-year access to all content released by INNOVATORS ACADEMY.

USD 4200